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OCD Is a Bully, But You Can Stand Up to It!

This article is based on the concept of standing up to OCD as if it is a school bully. It introduces concepts into a well-known and widely used technique that is employed by therapists for helping those with OCD. This article is also stipulates the hard work and effort that is required by people who suffer OCD to manage this potentially crippling disorder. This article also shares true insights and realities of effectively managing OCD. OCD is misunderstood. It is often misunderstood by the general public/the general […]

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Causes Of OCD

There is an ambiguity on what causes Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), though numerous research and studies has already been conducted to explain its causes. Theories and assumptions about the causes of OCD state that people with families suffering with OCD have a higher possibility of developing the disorder, however it has also been noted that there are people suffering from the disorder with no such family history. Researchers say imbalance in the chemical serotonin in the brain may be the ones contributing to the development of the disorder […]

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OCD Depression

OCD depression is one of the greatest tragedies in mental health. The reason it is such a tragedy is because it is so unnecessary! OCD really is a useless malady but there is hope for you! You see, I’ve studied OCD for years and have worked with hundreds of clients personally. The dirty truth about OCD is that it is a habit, an addiction. Programs that have been powerful and effective against stopping addictions have been proven to help people stop OCD. Unfortunately still many people suffer […]

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