The Top 5 Ways to Become OCD Free

The first truth is: Experts will teach you that OCD cannot be cured but only managed with drugs. This is a lie. You must open your mind to the possibility that you can become free of OCD before it can ever happen.

The second truth: I know it’s possible because I’ve done it myself. If you still suffer from OCD, you simply don’t have enough information and that is your biggest problem.

The third truth: In fact the truth about OCD is it takes work to become OCD free. It took OCD awhile to develop in your life and you can’t get rid of it overnight. Don’t become prey to programs that tell you that you can become OCD free instantly or within an hour. You can however, get rid of it quickly through massive action toward your goal.

The fourth truth: The cure of OCD required mental exercises that you must repeat so that you can change your bad habits, your habits of performing rituals.

The fifth truth: You must train your mind to think like someone who does not have OCD. People without OCD spend little or no time thinking about OCD whatsoever.

So here are the five truths: one: believe that it is possible to become OCD free. two: You need to get the right information so that you can know how to become OCD free. three: It’s not easy to become OCD free. There is no magic formula. You will find that usually the big secret is that there is no secret, just a lot of determination and action. This is what will get you real results. four: You need to perform mental exercises that you can use to help you change your habits of performing OCD rituals. five: You must learn how to think like someone who does not have OCD.

If you apply what is listed in the above truths, I guarantee that you will start to become OCD free. You must realize that most people are simply too lazy to do what it takes to become OCD free and so they are stuck. I have met people who are just used to their OCD and they really don’t want to become OCD free, they feel like they are part of a group.

Don’t associate with the online OCD communities, this will just keep your OCD around you and make it stronger in you. These people enable each other and will keep you down. The intentions of the authors of these communities are good willed, but the results that they wanted usually are the opposite. If you keep talking to other people who have OCD, what makes you think that you’re suddenly going to become OCD free?

No, instead, surround yourself with people who don’t have OCD and you will find that you are the equivalent of the five people you hang out with the most, so if you want to become OCD free, you have to hang out with people who don’t have OCD.

Take action: Do what is listed above and get around people who are OCD free. You will then be able to model their actions and see how they think about things and how they approach and react to things and this will teach you some ways to change your thinking.

“Become OCD free!”¬†Derek Soto is an ex-sufferer of OCD who will teach you what you need to do right now to become and stay OCD free for life!

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