The Most Important Information About OCD

What I would like to really impress upon you when it comes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is that it is a habit and nothing more! You need to understand that the use of medications is a mask to the actual problem. What you should understand about OCD is that even though it is like pure hell, there is an answer that does not involve medication and this answer is permanent!

One thing that you should also know about OCD is that it can lay dormant for years before you even know that you have it. You are actually developing it before you realize that you have it. What you’ll learn about OCD is that there is nothing wrong with you, but it will make you feel like there is something wrong with you. Many people are mislead into thinking that there is something wrong with them and they believe that it cannot be fixed so they do not even try! How can you expect to get rid of OCD with that attitude. That is why it is first vital that you understand about OCD that it can be cured. You have to believe that it can be or how can you expect to cure it?

I can understand that when an “expert” tells you about OCD, they will show your brain scans of where blood flow is going when a person has certain thoughts. But these tests are really irrelevant. As everyone’s OCD is different. We are all like snow flakes, there are no two alike. Some poeple would be petrefied to touch a door knob, while you may suffer with walking on cracks and could care less about a door knob or touching one for that matter! If we scanned your brain, we would show that the the fear center in the brain of the person who has a problem touching door knobs would not show fear when exposed to someone else’s fear of walking on cracks. Many people fear that if they hear other people’s maladies that they will take on those fears, but it does not work that way. One thing you should know about OCD is that it lies to you.

So there is nothing wrong with your brain, it is working as it should. There is something wrong however with the habits that you are teaching your brain to follow. If you keep picking your nose, you are going to have the habit of picking your nose and if you took a scan of your brain, they would see the parts of your brain that has to do with picking your nose such as moving your arm, focusing on what’s in your nose and the parts of your brain that control the actions of picking your nose have more activity.

What would be really great for you to know about OCD is that you can actually stop it if you simply change the habits that you have associated with it. I felt that if I pointed my shoes in a certain direction that it would help prevent bad situations with my girlfriend, in reality, there is no way that would make any sense and so someone that sees my struggle with this who suffers with OCD would still laugh at me, while the thing that they struggled with I would laugh at. Think about this, someone that does not have OCD would laugh at both of us at that time! I now look back, remembering how I had OCD and how silly it was, I simply laugh at the silly things I did to try to prevent real things from happening with immaginary thinking! Once you learn how to see the difference between what is real and what is imagined, then you will be free from OCD for life, period.

So what we have learned about OCD is that it does not matter whether you suffer from this or that or like me who suffered because I feared where I pointed my shoes, that I also eliminated my fear so now if you took a picture of the blood flow activity in my brain, you would see that the fear centers are no longer as stimulated as before by a huge difference. The bottom line that you should understand about OCD is that the only way to get rid of OCD is to stop taking medication and work through it. Yes, actual work. It’s tempting to grab the quick “cure” but this only masks the problem. If you want true freedom from it and not pseudo freedom from it, I have some great news for you! it can be cured permanently!

When you think about OCD, you can see that pills are not the cure, that therapy is not the cure because all of these techniques approach the whole thing as a disease or disorder. If you address something as something it’s not, you are not going to be able to get the results you want. We must address OCD as a habit if we are going to make any progress in stopping it for good. The skills that you will learn from my program will help you in every area of your life as well as prevent OCD from ever coming back in your life. No pill can touch that and you’ll feel great knowing that you truly beat OCD and that you are no longer dependent on pills, etc.

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