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There is an ambiguity on what causes Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), though numerous research and studies has already been conducted to explain its causes. Theories and assumptions about the causes of OCD state that people with families suffering with OCD have a higher possibility of developing the disorder, however it has also been noted that there are people suffering from the disorder with no such family history. Researchers say imbalance in the chemical serotonin in the brain may be the ones contributing to the development of the disorder and a certain chromosome or gene deviation possibly doubles the probability of developing OCD in an individual.

Probabilities of a dysfunction in the brain in numerous OCD sufferers are gaining position in the sphere on what causes OCD. Organic causes of OCD focused on a brain circuit which regulates primordial characteristics of our behavior such as sexuality, aggression, and bodily excretions. The orbitofrontal cortex or this brain circuit conveys information from the brain to the thalamus and to other regions known as caudate nucleus of the basal ganglia. Activation of these impulses brings awareness and cause to carry out a particular behavior appropriately addressing the impulse. But this does not imply that a person with this problem have brain damage or have reasoning failures and are inferior to persons who are non OCD sufferers.

Supporting this theory of what causes OCD, the studies on neuroimaging scientists and doctors performed like examining a living brain, established that an activity in this brain circuit is abnormal between individuals with OCD. It was also noted that there are abnormal activities happening in the said region of the brain including the cingulated cortex, caudate nucleus of the orbital frontal cortex and the basal ganglia. The brain of a sufferer has the difficulty disregarding impulses from this brain circuit that causes recurring behaviors known as compulsions and irrepressible thoughts known as obsessions. An example of which is the brain’s reaction with a troubling thought of infection after leaving the wash room and consequently hand washing over and over again.

Research shows one theory on what causes OCD are genetic and heredity factor. One considered is inheriting the disorder from somebody on the family line. Research and studies carried out among teenagers in America showed that around 30% turned out to have immediate families affected with OCD. OCD statistics also show children with parents suffering with OCD are prone to having it by around 8% chances. However possibility of OCD to be genetically inherited is still not conclusive.

Another study found infection known as streptococcal infection as one on the list of what causes OCD. This infection causes cellular breakage that effects healthy functioning of cells and cause damage to them. The probability of the occurrence of OCD when this happens is much higher. The immune system of the body attacks the nerve cells outside the Basal Ganglia which are part of the brain resulting to OCD. Researchers suggest symptoms do not seem to last very long and the occasion of this ‘infection OCD’ is rarely to happen.

Experiencing depression by an individual at times builds up OCD symptoms and on the other hand, people suffering from OCD develop it more often than not. Dealing with depression to individuals with OCD can be very hard especially in seclusion. Nevertheless with medical help, an exposure program would be helpful for the sufferer to cope with the problem at hand.

Another theory states disturbance experienced by the individual during the early stages of sexual or cognitive development and wishes. In this theory, there is a conflict between reasoning and thinking such that the child deals with the situation unsteadily and eventually causes psychological problem. An example with the theory stipulated is the fear of an individual to run over people with his car, unconsciously really wishes to do so. Though theories of this type are not that influential, however it is also useful to be aware of theories on what causes OCD like this one.

Many people ask what causes OCD that researches and studies regarding OCD has been continually performed to answer it. What causes OCD are probably mixes of many factors including neurobiological, the way we think and environmental influences. Inconclusive it may seem, all these theories may help in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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